Are you wanting establish or refresh your research identity in the online environment? If so, explore this module to discover how to build up your profile in highly visible ways and how to protect your hard-earned reputation and credibility if your research identity comes under fire.

A number of video materials in this module are re-used with the permission of the creators, others have been recorded here at The Australian National University. Whether you’re an aspiring scholar, an academic newly embarking on your research career, or an established researcher, this module is for you!


The My research identity module is made up of three topics:
  1. Establish my research identity
  2. Build my research identity
  3. Protect my research identity

Each topic is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos and suggested additional resources to help you gain a better understanding of the topic.

This is a self-paced course, which means that all of the content is available and you are free to move ahead, or pick and choose content at your own pace.


This My research identity module provides you with materials regarding:
  • why and how to obtain an ORCID
  • how to use your ORCID with other research identification systems
  • why and how to obtain a ResearcherID
  • tips to establish and maintain your collaborative networks
  • guidance on how to protect your research identity


This module includes a pre and post survey, designed to help us create and deliver the best modules we can. We encourage you to complete these surveys. You are also welcome to provide us with your feedback at anytime.
Pre survey
Post survey


Contact us if you need help with the module or transcripts. If you have questions about ORCID and your publications you can contact The Australian National University Library's Open Research team.

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